Philip Ma, Ph.D.
Managing Director GPhS

Dr. Ma has over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry in medicinal chemistry and process R&D. He was formerly
Director Process R&D for DuPont Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Ma received his BS in Chemistry from the U. of Pennsylvania
under Professor K.C. Nicolaou and his Ph from MIT under the mentor ship of Professors S. Masamune and K. B.
Sharpless. Dr. Ma's work at DuPont included discovery, process R&D including management of kilo laboratories. He and
his team develop novel and robust processes for pharmaceutical candidates and performed tech transfer of these processes
to contract manufacturers. He also led efforts to develop a postdoctoral training program in DuPont Pharma with
Universities in China and helped to develop numerous sourcing options from China as well as other low cost options.  Dr.
Ma is Founder & President of Synica USA

Resume and Publications - P. Ma

John C. Budzinski, Ph.D.
Managing Director, GPhS

Dr. Budzinski has over 30 years in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry in discovery, process development,
manufacturing and administration. He was formerly Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing for DuPont Pharmaceuticals. He
received his BS and Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis and postdocted at the Arizona State Cancer Research
Institute with Prof. G.R. Pettit. While Director of Strategic Sourcing at DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Budzinski and his
team helped develop sourcing options and supply chains for a number of developmental and commercial products, and
worked with R&D to facilitate tech transfers to contract manufacturers. This work led to the development of a broad
knowledge of outsourcing of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs. Dr. Budzinski is founder and President of Phelix
Pharma Outsourcing Consultants, Inc.

Resume and Publications - J. Budzinski
Global Pharma Sourcing, LLC
Experienced in:

Worldwide Outsourcing,
Pharma Manufacturing,   
Discovery & Process R&D,
I.P. Management,
Project management,
Logistics & importation
Chinese language custom