Massachusetts Institutes of
1979 - 1983: Ph.D. Organic
Chemistry (Advisor: Prof. S.
Thesis: Stereocontrolled
Synthesis of 1, 2 - and 1, 3 -
Polyhydroxylated Systems.

University of Pennsylvania
1976 - 1979: B.S. Chemistry
(Advisor: Prof. K. C. Nicolaou)

Professional Experience:

Synica USA, Inc.
2002 – Present: President and

SAR LifeSciences, Inc.
2002 – Present: President and

DuPont Pharmaceuticals
Company (formally DuPont Merck
Pharmaceuticals Company)
1994 – 2001: Director. Chemical
Process R&D
1993:   Associate Director.
Chemical Process R&D and
Chemical Sciences (Kilo
1991 - 1992: Research Manager.
Chemical Sciences R&D (Kilo
Lab and
Thrombin Inhibitor Group Leader)
and Chemical Process R&D.

Du Pont Company
(Pharmaceuticals Division)
1989 - 1990: Group Leader.
Medicinal Chemistry.  
1983 - 1988: Research Chemist.
Medicinal Chemistry.


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